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The New Sport-Game :

Snookball is a hybrid practice combining billiards and football.   The principles of the game are based on billiards, however the balls are replaced by soccer balls and the pool cue by a pair of shoes.

Created and developed by our teams, Snookball is located at the border between sport and play. It is aimed at all audiences and all ages.

Snookball ©

The name Snookball comes from the Snooker which is part of the pocket billiards family like American billiards and Pool. Snooker is played on the largest table, of all billiards.

Snookball © is a registered trademark certified by the company Tatwin at the National Institute of Industrial Property and the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM) n ° 013446885 / INPI certificate 134012808.

Rules Détails :

French, Americans, English, Pool, Snooker ... there are a large number of rules of the game for each type of billiards and balls. For the practice of Snookball, we have chosen to retain the rule of 8, which is probably the most popular rule. Of course we have modified some features to suit the Snookball game. But this new sport-game is above all you who will practice and develop it! You are therefore free to adapt the rules or create new ones ...

The so-called "Snookball" rule:

The essential rule remains the one that gave its name to this new discipline:

A Snookball occurs when a player manages to pocket one of his balls by passing the hitting ball over an opponent's ball, using a "ladle". When a Snookball is successful, the player who made the shot can bring out a ball already pocketed by his opponent.

Official rule : The game of 8  

The game is won when a player pockets the black ball n ° 8, after having returned all the balls of his group :

- US kit: full from 1 to 8 or striped from 9 to 15, then the black balloon n ° 8

- Kit UK: Yellow or red, then the black ball n ° 8

Be careful, the game is lost when :
- ball 8 is pocketed during the game.
- the ball 8 comes out of the table (except for scrapping).
- the punching ball (white) is pocketed or comes out of the table
at the same time as the pocketing of the ball 8.

Mistakes :
When a player commits any of the following faults,
the opponent can play 2 times in a row:
- The striking ball (white) first touches a ball
of his opponent's g
- The punching ball does not touch any ball
- A group ball leaves the table. It is then repositioned

in the place it occupied before the breakage

When a player commits any of the following faults, the opponent can place the striking ball wherever he wishes, however he only has one shot :
- The punching ball is pocketed
- The punch ball leaves the table

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